Quest Log

Quest: Kobolds in the Hills
Source: Wanted post at Oleg’s Trading Post
Task: The Sootscale kobolds dwell in a cave somewhere in the Kamelands. Normally not a problem, they’ve been riled up by something lately. Find their lair and ensure that the kobolds aren’t going to continue being a threat.

Quest: Wanted: Tatzylwyrm
Source: Wanted post at Oleg’s Trading Post
Task: The way everyone talks about tatylwyrms, one might think they’re swarming throughout the Stolen Lands. This isn’t the case; they’re actually quite rare. A tatylwyrm head would be a great conversation piece at Oleg’s. He has promised a reward for anyone who can deliver one.
Completion: Slay a tatzlwyrm and deliver its head.

Quest: Wanted: Tuskgutter
Source: Wanted post at Oleg’s Trading Post
Task: Every Greenbelt hunter has a story about Tuskgutter, each wilder than the last. Whoever manages to kill the ill-tempered beast will get a nice reward from old, retired Vekkel Benzen, who lost his leg to the monster pig a year ago.
Completion: Deliver Tuskgutter’s head to Oleg’s.

Quest: Svetlana’s Ring
Source: Oleg Leveton, at Oleg’s Trading Post
Task: Although his wife claims it’s not a big loss compared to what the bandits could have taken, Oleg knows the theft of her wedding ring has distressed her. She’s forbidden him from risking life and limb to recover it, but if anyone else can find the ring and return it to him, he’ll be very grateful
Completion: Track down the ring. The bandits were the last to have it, but they might have lost or sold it already.
Reward: Oleg promises 1,000gp in trading post credit if his wife’s ring can be recovered.

Quest Log

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