Timeline of Events

4499 AR
Iobarian warlord Choral Rogarvia, also know as “the Conqueror,” crosses the Lake of Mists and Veils with a sizable army. A peaceful surrender is negotiated by Lord Nikos Surova of Issia. The Aldori swordlords of Rostland resist and are eventually defeated. Brevoy is founded.

21 Desnus 4699 AR
Every member of House Rogarvia vanishes without a trace. There is no evidence of foul play or struggle within the royal palace, nor in any of the noble villas owned by the Rogarvias throughout the land. A period of chaos and panic follows.

21 Kuthona 4699 AR
Lord Noleski Surtovas, citing age-old ties with the Conqueror’s line, seize power in New Stetven. With all of Issia seemingly backing the move, Rostland has little choice but to bend its knee.

24 Calistril 4710 AR
Charters are issued by the Lord Mayor of Restov to explore and map the Stolen Lands.
The Kingmaker Campaign begins.

1 Pharast 4710 AR

2 Pharast 4710 AR
The bandits arrive at Oleg’s Trading Post as expected and are easily dispatched. The group decides to follow their tracks south to locate the others.

6 Pharast 4710 AR
In a bloody battle, the party narrowly manages to eradicate the bandits that have setup camp along the Thorn River. They free, and are joined by, Cailas.

13 Pharast 4710 AR
A pack of trolls stumbles across the party’s camp site in the middle of the night. The group, forced to leave a portion of their supplies behind, flee into the forest.

18 Pharast 4710 AR
The party finds their way back to Oleg’s Trading Post. They meet Kesten Garess and Jhod Kavken while trading their looted furs and treasure for needed supplies.

22 Pharast 4710 AR
The party travels to Bokken’s hovel to make the acquaintance of the crazed hermit.

28 Pharast 4710 AR
Current Day.

Timeline of Events

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