Brevoy map

Brevoy’s government is a heredity monarchy rules by a king, although many (particularly those dwelling in the southern region known as Rostland) privately contest the current king’s right to rule.

Terrain: Mountainous and rocky plains to the north, rolling hills and grasslands to the south, with a large region of forest in the east. Brevoy’s highest point is Mount Veshka in the north-central area of the nation. Its lowlands are centered on Lake Reykal in the south-central region.

Capital: New Stetven (population 32,850)

Notable Settlements: Grayhaven (population 5,880), Port Ice (population 13,260), Restov (population 18,670), Skywatch (population 6,590)

Ruler: King Noleski Surtova

Languages: Common, Hallit, Skald, Varisian, Draconic

Religions: Abadar, Erastil (rare), Gorum, Lamashtu (outlawed), Pharasma

Imports: Spices, cloth, exotic curiosities

Exports: Grains, fish and shellfish, timber, iron, copper, fur, salt, liquor


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